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2020年2月19日 (水)


A vehicle installed in the dome uses an automobile body in which a powertrain system such as an engine and a mission and suspensions are removed from an actual automobile of LS 460. Various display control systems in the cockpit operate on simulated signals generated by the DS computer system.

The DS computer takes in steering, accelerator, and brake data and controls input/output from the calculation of simulated data of the display operation system. It is also possible to operate a navigation system by receiving a pseudo satellite signal from a computer simulating GPS signal.

And, as a reproducibility of reality feeling, deceleration feeling in braking is examined by the driver's deceleration action. This makes it possible to examine the feeling of deceleration in a real vehicle, because smooth deceleration by constant deceleration is not possible, because the step-in margin of the brake increases, when the sensible acceleration is insufficient in the DS test drive, and the stop position adjustment is carried out after the maximum acceleration comes out afterwards. When the ratio between the maximum value and the average value of deceleration when stopping from 60 km/h toward the stop line is compared, it can be said that the reproducibility is high because the reproduction acceleration ratio of DS is 0.7, compared with the reproduction acceleration ratio of 0.5 in the case of the DS using only a conventional tilting device or a short translation distance.


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