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2020年2月27日 (木)


The video system consists of computers for processing computer graphics, projectors for projecting video, and a screen formed in a dome. The eye point is placed in the dome center, and the screen is made to be distance 3 m from the eye point, and the visual field range is made to be all azimuth  360 °, upper 33 °, lower 20 °.

The dome was made to be a honeycomb sandwich structure in which honeycomb shape material was sandwiched by carbon from the top and bottom, and the whole dome was constituted by combining 10 divided panels. With this. High rigidity and light weight which can ensure the response of the motion without blur and distortion of the image were achieved when the motion moves.

And, in order to reduce the sense of incongruity by the image drawing delay, the delay of the image update for the driving operation of the driver was made to be 30 ms or less which is the time resolution of human vision. Therefore, DLP projectors with a refresh rate of 120 Hz was adopted for the projector with an emphasis on drawing speed. As a result of the development, the measured value of delay of total drawing update including processing and communication of the computer is 30.3 ms, which almost achieves the goal.

The resolution of the image on the screen realized 4.7 minute angle of 5 minute angle or less so that the movement of the human 200 m ahead in the urban area could be recognized. The projection on this screen uses seven projectors.


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