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2020年2月20日 (木)


TMC positions the utilization of DS for preventive safety as the following process.

To begin with, which accident is taken up from accident statistical analysis and accident situation analysis. Next, they investigate what kind of driver's driving behavior causes the accident by DS. Then, the method to prevent the accident and the performance goal are guided, and the specification of the system to be developed is decided, and the system is produced experimentally, and the operation confirmation is carried out. As a verification of the effect, the accident avoidance effect is verified by DS. And, the effect prediction of the accident reduction quantity is carried out by the numerical simulation. As a finishing, the effect of the market is confirmed by event data recorder and accident statistical data, etc.. In this process, DS has two important roles: driving behavior analysis to investigate the cause of the accident and system effectiveness evaluation.

That is to say, by using DS, it becomes possible to safely analyze driver's driving characteristics in the condition of low driving consciousness (drowsiness or inactivity), carelessness for danger (distraction or unchecked safety), and improper driving (drinking, fatigue, or illness). And, it is possible to carry out the effect evaluation of the preventive safety system.


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