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2020年2月23日 (日)


In order to eliminate the difference of two kinds of senses, namely, the incongruity sense of somatosensory and the sense of visual sense, which are considered as the causes of motion sickness, the following countermeasures were respectively taken.

The sense of incongruity in somatosensory means that the DS does not feel the acceleration of the front, back, right, and left sides that feels when driving a real vehicle. Therefore, the performance of the swing section of the DS was improved. In order to obtain the acceleration equal to the actual vehicle, it is impossible to correspond to the real DS with the XY rail. In addition, the stroke of the rail length was lengthened, and it was made to be the direct drive by the linear motor with the high thrust in the driving part of the rail shaft. By this, the development of the translation equipment of the world highest performance which moves in the wide movable range at the high response speed became a goal. And, in order to reduce the sense of incongruity caused by not getting the sense of rotation in one direction at the intersection such as right and left turn, etc., the turn table was installed in the dome, and the sense of one direction similar to the real vehicle was given.

Regarding to the sense of incongruity of vision, in order to reproduce images actually seen by the driver, at first, the view which the driver sees from a driver's seat was made to be familiar using a cockpit of an actual vehicle. Next, it was made that the CG images were projected in the large spherical screen all direction in the dome. And, in order to draw CG images drawn in high density with less delay for driver operation, a drawing system using a measuring machine with fast processing speed and projectors with fast drawing speed was constructed.



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