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2020年2月17日 (月)


In this development, the response characteristics of the longitudinal and lateral acceleration generated in the own vehicle of DS are emphasized. Generally, the acceleration of the vehicle calculated by the simulation is feedback controlled by the vehicle motion simulator.

When operated in actual equipment, feedback delay is generated. Therefore, higher frequency response characteristics than the frequency response range of the simulated vehicle are required.

TMC measured the frequency response characteristics of steering, lateral acceleration, praxipedal stroke, and longitudinal acceleration in normal driving. And it was found that lateral acceleration of 2 Hz and longitudinal acceleration of 4 Hz or more were necessary. Therefore, the response characteristics of DS motion are all made to realize the response over 4Hz. And, since it is not made to feel that the longitudinal and lateral acceleration of the vehicle are generated by the equipment, the acceleration by the tilting equipment is generated at small inclination speed in the low frequency region, and the remaining acceleration of the target acceleration is generated by the translation equipment. With such control, almost the same area as one intersection is required to reproduce the motion at the intersection.

It is necessary to prepare the translation device for the next movement, and gradually moved to the center. This is called washback, and should be carried out so that the driver does not feel it.


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« DS(17)の英訳 | トップページ | DS(19)の英訳 »