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2020年2月29日 (土)


In order to evaluate the motion sickness of the Nissan DS, the subjective evaluation in the test drive of the general drivers was carried out. In the first ride DS, 4 levels of intoxication ((i) I don't feel sickness at all, (ii) I feel a little sickness, (iii) I get sickness but can continue to evaluate, and (iv) I can't continue to evaluate because I get sickness.) were answered in the following 2 scenes.

(1)2 scenes in which a motion system assuming evaluation of vehicle behavior and emergency evasive action moves largely and high acceleration occurs: 3.5 m wide, 5 km 2 lane straight course with obstacles randomly arranged, 20 lane changes at 60 ~ 80 km/h, and about 2 km driving on a course reproducing winding road with narrow width followed by continuous corners.
(2)The scenen, which normally drives for a long time on an existing expressway based on the assumption of evaluation of the Human Machine Interphase, drives for approximately 40 minutes on the course from the Tomei Atsugi Interchange to Metropolitan Expressway Route 3, the Chuo Kanjo Line, the Wangan Line, and the Tatsumi Parking Area.

As for the respective evaluation results, 56 respondents answered (1), and 19 answered (2). The results were good, with almost no nausea (i) and (ii) levels being 96% and 100%, respectively. And, there was no subject who could not continue the evaluation by the intoxication in the whole. This DS was developed jointly with Japan Radio Co., Ltd.



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