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2020年2月26日 (水)


This linear guide has been newly developed because its operating speed is three times faster than that of the conventional one. In addition, the steel pipe structure was adopted in order to make the mounting accuracy of the parallelism of 70 microns or less, and in order to make the saddle high rigidity and light weight.

The natural frequency of the mechanical system to achieve the required response of the motion servo system was over 42 Hz, and it satisfied the design value of 45 Hz, when it was verified after the development. When the step response was evaluated in the assembly condition of the XY translation devices single bodies, the time constant of 30 milliseconds of the development target value was achieved.

And, when lane change by the actual vehicle in the actual test course was compared with acceleration and yaw rate reproduced by DS, it followed the actual vehicle with small delay, and the maximum acceleration was also able to be presented. Therefore, it can be said that the vehicle behavior can be reproduced.


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