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2020年2月15日 (土)


Now, Let's take up the open DS of automobile companies. First one is the world's highest performance (At the time of publication in 2008) DS developed by Toyota Motor Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as TMC).

To begin with, the purpose of using DS of TMC as a development background is to aim at zero traffic accident deaths and injuries. For this purpose, traffic accident reduction activities by trinity of human, vehicle and traffic environment are necessary.

Since there are overwhelmingly many accidents in urban area traffic in Japan, the DS development is for also mainly for urban area. As an effectiveness of DS, experiments with danger in actual vehicles and reproducibility under specific driving environment conditions are emphasized. And, it is said that in order to accurately grasp the driving characteristics, TMC pursued the environment close to the actual driving in which the driver does not feel the simulated driving as much as possible.

The accident situation that TMC considers important is introduced in more detail. In Japan, the accident in the intersection occupies 60%, when the incidence of the accident is examined according to the road shape. In the accident factor independence, the recognition decision mistake of the driver occupies 90%. Therefore, it can be said that it is necessary to clarify how the driver causes the recognition judgment error in the intersection, and to develop the technology which prevents the accident. In the preventive safety technology before the accident actually occurs, how to evaluate the performance must be decided. As one of the indexes, there is the reduction of near miss which leads to the accident number reduction. DS seems to be suitable for the evaluation of this index. Because it is dangerous that carrying out experiments in a complicated traffic environment leading to an accident, and effect experiments of issuring warning when driver's consciousness lowers even if they are carried out in a test course.


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