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2020年2月25日 (火)


The motion system is composed of a translation device with XY rail which presents acceleration in XY direction, a hexapod which presents acceleration in Yaw, Roll, Pitch, XYZ direction, and a turntable which reproduces yaw motion. In the translation device, the stroke in the Y direction was made to be one side 11 m on the assumption of lane change in the usual traveling on the expressway, and the maximum acceleration was made to be 12 m/s^2 with the purpose of reproducing the vehicle acceleration of the double lane change in the emergency avoidance. The response time is 4 milliseconds or less of dead time in step response and 30 milliseconds or less of time constant, aiming at realization of high output and high response.

On the Y rail of the translation device, heavy objects such as the X rail, hesapod, dome, turntable, cockpit of the translation devices are loaded, and the total weight is about 40 tons. The feature of this DS is that the base part (Y saddle) of the X-rail of the translation device can be moved with the maximum acceleration of 12 m/s^2 at a maximum speed of 10 m/s and with high response in a state where this heavy object is mounted.

The Y rail device adopted a direct drive using a linear motor for the drive part in order to ensure high acceleration/deceleration in a long stroke. In order to produce large thrust, multiple linear motors are arranged in two rows at both ends of the saddle, and the maximum thrust required is generated by synchronous control.

The control to move smoothly by changing output characteristics of both sides was also developed, when the eccentric load was generated by difference of the position of the dome part on the X axis and inclination of the hexapod. For the support guide part, a precise linear guide with high rigidity used for machine tools, etc. and little displacement fluctuation in vertical and horizontal directions in straight advance was adopted for suppressing sliding resistance in moving and unintended driver vibration.


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