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2020年2月24日 (月)


The whole DS is roughly divided into the following three systems. They are a motion system which presents vehicle acceleration, a video projection system which presents video information, and a cockpit system which presents sound and reaction force of an operation system and has a driver's seat.

The DS consists of a hexapod with a 6-axis swinging device on an XY translation device that moves in the longitudinal and lateral directions, and a dome and projectors on it. In the dome, turn table which rotates independently and cockpit which reproduced the vehicle were set. The inside of the dome is composed as a screen surface, and the 360 ° omnidirectional image is projected by 7 projectors. The cockpit system incorporates signals of various operation systems such as steering, brake, accelerator, etc., and road surface conditions into a vehicle motion analysis model, and presents the calculated steering reaction force and brake reaction force of the operation system to the driver.

The acceleration is calculated by applying motion control logic originally developed, and it is presented to the driver by moving various motion systems. The image projected on the projector calculates the road, surrounding environment and traffic flow, and projects them from the image system. These series of actions are calculated every 1 millisecond to give a real time feeling, and the system reduces the delay of somatosensory and visual sense which the driver feels.


« DS(24)の英訳 | トップページ | DS(26)の英訳 »




« DS(24)の英訳 | トップページ | DS(26)の英訳 »