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2020年2月28日 (金)


The cockpit system in the dome uses the vehicle body which leaves only the interior of the commercial vehicle in order to reproduce the actual cabin seen from the driver. The indoor structure consists of operation equipments such as a shift, a steering wheel, a brake pedal, an accelerator pedal, and switches operated by the driver, an acoustic equipment which reproduces the sound of the engine and other vehicles, and a vibration equipment which gives vibration to the seat and steering as a presentation of realistic sensation.

The reaction force of steering and brake are important factors for the driver to judge the condition of the road surface and the vehicle. Therefore, Nissan had developed a steering system that uses a rotary motor to apply a reaction force, and a brake system that uses a linear motor to apply a reaction force.

The sound is reproduced by 7 speakers and 2 subwoofers in the cabin. These loudspeakers reproduce the sound recorded by the ambi-sonic system in real time by interlocking with the change of vehicle condition and peripheral environment. Regarding reproduction, a stereophonic acoustic system was developed in which the direction and movement of sound can be felt in the same way as in actual driving. In addition to the engine sound, road noise, wind noise and the driving sound of other vehicles, this system reproduces the harshness sound when passing through the junction of the expressway and the difference of the sound in the tunnel, rain and other surrounding environments in order to reduce the sense of incongruity for the sound which is heard in the actual driving. And, the vibration equipment has a sound vibration transducer installed on the seat surface and the back surface of the seat to vibrate the seat synchronously with the low frequency component of the acoustic signal, and presents the feeling similar to the vibration of the actual vehicle.

Since the evaluation by the general drivers is carried out, there is a fear that the results are affected, when the steering wheel position is different from the ordinary use vehicle. Therefore, they adopt a structure in which operation systems such as the steering wheel, the accelerator pedal, and the brake pedal can be installed on both right and left sides in order to carry out the evaluation efficiently without changing the cockpit when performing the evaluation by the right steering wheel and the left steering wheel.



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